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Welcome to Joelle Wong Music Studio!

Unleash your potential, ignite your passion, and let’s embark on a musical adventure together. Whether this experience is for you, or someone in your family, it all begins with personalized lessons tailored to each student’s unique strengths and goals.


From beginner to advanced skill levels, get the expert guidance you need to discover the enchanting world of piano and its captivating melodies and harmonies at your own pace.


Under the guidance of a seasoned vocalist, unlock the expressive potential of your voice through proper technique, interpretation, and an exploration of various genres.

Music Theory

Decode the language of music and gain a deeper understanding of melody, harmony, and rhythm with one-on-one tutoring in music theory.

Meet Joelle, your music teacher

As an accomplished vocalist, pianist, and music educator, I strive to inspire a lifelong love of music in students of all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, I will help you enrich your skills, technique, and connection to music with joy, patience and discipline.

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Reviews from parents and students

“Joelle is an excellent and patient teacher. She has been teaching my two daughters piano for the last two years. She has been able to teach and keep my two (very disinterested) daughters engaged and attentive. I would highly recommend her as a piano teacher to anyone looking to find a new music teacher.”
- My L. -

“Miss Joelle really takes the time to understand each student. She’s patient and knew exactly how to handle an adult learner like myself. 10/10”
- Emma L. -

“Joelle is one of the most helpful piano teachers I've ever had. I really enjoyed learning piano with her! It was both fun and rewarding. I love her calm and patient presence. She's very skilled having lots of different and specific advice that works for each piece or scale. I learned so many useful tips on how to improve. She is also kind and encouraging. She sees the positive even when I kept making mistakes. If you have the opportunity to learn piano with Joelle, you will be very glad you did!”
- Michelle V. -

“Joelle Wong was a wise and patient teacher for my daughter who was preparing for the Royal Conservatory of Music Voice Level 5 exam. From guiding my daughter to develop proper voice technique, to helping her select appropriate repertoire, to the artistic interpretation and delivery of the pieces, Joelle was engaging and her friendly demeanour encouraged my daughter to persist in doing her best work. We were also very pleased with the exam results outcome”
- Lesley C. -

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